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staying loose while staying safe.

"make the best of any situation"

"glass half full"

"done is better than perfect"

i'm an optimist.

drove my dad crazy. i understood his cynicism though, given that he was born during the great depression and lived through WWII. his rants about all that was wrong with the world instilled in me a sense of rebellion, "no dad - you're wrong. we just have to figure out alternatives and work hard to achieve better results." bold words from a 12 year-old. his 'reverse psychology' tactics worked. i now know he was only challenging me by the look of pride his expression revealed every time i showed him some new thing i'd accomplished.

this golflondon swing studio is no exception.

despite the challenges and economic risk facing our golf industry this year i kept faith that the work ethic and self-belief both of my parents instilled in me would pay off. together with IRON CREEK GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB i launched and ran a junior golf program attended by over 40 families. when PEARCE WILLIAMS CAMP was faced with insolvency due to the lock-down i created with them a fundraiser based on an idea as crazy as it sounded: a guy driving a golf ball FORTY-TWO THOUSAND YARDS from the 1st of Iron Creek to the front gate of Pearce Williams Camp. well, with the help of a few friends driving balls with me we did and we raised $6300 over the two weeks leading up to the tee-off.

golflondon also took on over a dozen new golf students. our facebook and website reviews reflect their satisfaction for which i am sincerely grateful.

so, back to the indoor swing studio.

it took about a month of renovations, some EXPERT professional labour (the MUD MAN Chris Wheatley!), a dozen trips to HOMEDEPOT (thanks for the discounts!), not little investment of both time and money (AIR FILTRATION SYSTEM, LIGHTING, FLIGHT MONITOR etc) and a whole new level of ingenuity my dad would have said was 'crazy' and 'unbelievable' in the best sense of the phrase, but we did it:

our new golflondon SWING STUDIO is NOW OPEN for YOU and it's AWESOME...!

call, text or email me here at 519-870-1562 or to schedule a visit. see it for yourself and don't forget your golf shoes...(and mask).