kids golf in 2020

safety is our first concern 

traditional "hands-on" golf lessons are a thing of the past. at least for now.

in answer to this new challenge we've adapted our approach to golf lessons.

these methods aren't really new. we're just enhancing the way we communicate 

lessons to our kids. they get the golf skills and still have fun while we ensure

that both your child's safety and enjoyment remain intact. 

how we've adapted

touch-free golf lessons

our clients know that we are leaders in adaptation and innovation. by introducing unique teaching tools, coaching demonstrations and simple, clear verbal instruction, your child will gain the skills necessary to execute a productive golf swing while

maintaining safe distance protocols. learn more...

kids' LOVE golf!

we understand kids. 

we know children learn better when they're having fun. as a parent, grandparent or guardian you expect a qualified instructor who is both an experienced teacher and a role model. we understand that too.


our approach to instruction is based on our kidsLOVEgolf  principles of teaching.

our approach

L earn the basics

vercome our fears

V ictory through practise

E xcel to our next success!

   G O L F

lessons that grow with them...

benefits of the game

we acknowledge that children's bodies literally grow overnight and so their coordination at times! that's why we don't get hung up too much on 'good' or 'bad' shots. however we do try to ensure that together we help them build a solid routine based on the following golf-swing basics: ​

  • a good golf grip 

  • how to align to a target

  • setting an athletic stance

  • the value of good posture 

  • steady balance & reliable footwork

the rest is pretty much the FUN of watching a ball explode off the face of your child's golf club and the exuberant expression bursting from their face!

golf offers life lessons

junior golf programs



golf encourages children to focus. it instills the wonder and confidence of "i did that!?!?"

new friendships are made and good sportsmanship fostered while playing a game

that family members can enjoy regardless of age or ability.

introducing SNA!

we have recently added  SNAG  golf  to our services. it's a totally unique approach to learning the game. founder Terry Anton created a program that delivers a family friendly, safe and inclusive learning platform using coloured velcro balls, age-sized clubs, huge inflatable bulls-eye targets and a host of innovative teaching tools. together with our traditional golf instruction and SNAG  golf options we know is a great choice for you and your family


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