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kids golf 

options for every season

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"Please let us know when you are running the next junior golf camp! L[he]rarely enjoys outdoor

sporting activities but can't stop talking about how much fun he has at camp.

When we pick him up it's non-stop "golf" all the way home!

Thanks for what you're doing for our grandson..."

Hilde N. Grandmother, Iron Creek C.C. Junior Golf Camp 2021, 2022

why is golf great for kids?

it's fun!

ok, and beyond that...

golf introduces children to values and coping skills that add to a healthy life.

the golf fundamentals that we teach aren't really new.

we're just REALLY good at how we communicate those skills:

fitness & coordination; patience & perseverance;
mindfulness; confidence; how to win AND lose well;

respect for others, for nature & for oneself; motivation;
how to enjoy the process; math & social skills;
inclusivity, etiquette & self-control;

and how to play great golf of course!

golf is a sport that can played for fun, for competition, for business...

it's an activity that we can play for life, with family of all ages with grandparents to cousins and neighborhood friends. and who knows, your little golfer may just pass all they've learned onto their own children one day.

we believe that golf is great for kids. no doubt about it.

kids' LOVE golf!

we understand kids. 

we know children learn better when they're having fun. as a parent, grandparent or guardian you expect a qualified instructor who is both an experienced teacher and a role model. 

we understand that too.      

our appoach to instruction is based on our kidsLOVEgolf  principles of teaching.


our approach

golfballpeople1clear copy.jpg

L earn the basics

vercome our fears

V ictory through practise

E xcel to our next success!

   G O L F

lessons that grow with them...


parents know that children's bodies grow overnight and so their coordination is, at times! that's why we don't get hung up on 'good' or 'bad' shots. we simply we help them build a solid routine based on the following golf-swing basics: ​

  • a good golf grip 

  • how to align to a target

  • setting an athletic stance

  • the value of good posture 

  • steady balance & reliable footwork

the rest is pretty much the FUN of watching a ball explode off the face of your child's golf club and the exuberant expression that follows! 

*outdoor range lessons now available!*

golf offers life lessons

golf encourages children

to focus. it instills huge amounts of confidence

as in "WOW...i did that!?!?"

new friendships are made and good sportsmanship fostered while playing a game that family members can enjoy regardless of age or ability.

BGC JUNIOR LINE 2023 copy.jpg

introducing SNA!


SNAG  golf  is a unique approach to learning the game. it delivers a family friendly, safe and inclusive learning experience filled with a rainbow of coloured velcro balls, sized clubs, inflatable bulls-eye targets and a host of innovative teaching tools. 

together with our traditional golf instruction and SNAG  golf options we know is a great choice for you and your family

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