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Ask BBB: Episode #49 - golf and mental health

earlier this year was invited by 980 CFPL Radio's Ask BBB show to do a feature on golf and its potential to benefit mental health. both hosts, CEO of BBB Jennifer Matthews & Cohost Jim Swan were generous with their questions spanning golf mechanics to mental keys that not only help your game, but are just as applicable to coping skills in life. click the image and scroll to episode #49 to hear this story.


"good golf is part mechanics, but also about having a fresh attitude over every shot"

"you gotta' have a healthy sense of humour"

"golf can foster a deeper connection with others - comradery"

"golf affords us the time between shots to get personal, to share with friends and end, or at least lessen the cycle of ruminating over challenges we face in the day-to-day."


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