indoor swing studio

temporarily closed

safety first




at we take your safety and ours seriously.

 our indoor practice facility hosts a maximum of 2 guests at a time. 

family households of 4 persons (1 to 2 adults and 1 to 3 children) are permitted.

government regulated social distancing, gathering limits and sanitation standards 

are vigorously adhered to including:

  • surface cleansing after every booking

  • TRUE HEPA air purification system on-site

  • masks within 2 meters & in all hallways/bathrooms

  • contact tracing forms upon entrance

  • open-window/fresh air between bookings







reduced contact during lessons:

 our instruction includes enhanced verbal direction, demonstration and follow-up.

with the use of tools such as pointer sticks, alignment rods, video analysis & ball-flight

monitor we assure the quality and satisfaction of your golf instruction while 

reducing the amount hand contact during lessons.

swing-bays & rental




each of our 10'x10' swing-bays comes fully equipped with dbl reinforced

safety netting on three sides with overhead topper. there's 6 inches of insulated backing

and 2 layers of turf for optimum bounce reduction.


the studio comes with 14,000 lumens of overhead LED lighting (7,000 per bay)

with an additional 2,000 lumens over the tee-boxes. that means 

no shadows! 


there's two 6'x6'x2" cushioned driving mats at around 100lb's ea.

including genuine T-Line Turf for using your own tees. that means

no pounding your wrists!

as low handicapper's know stroke reduction is about short-game.

to that end we've also installed synthetic grass that reproduces both the 

feel and sound of second-cut through to the rough at 1.5" height along

with a plethora of targets to choose from!

putting is always a priority even indoors and

with about 130sqft of tight rolling turf under your feet 

you'll soon be turning 3 into 2!

hours of operation


our swing studio is temporarily CLOSED

reservations must be made in advance 

bookings are based on 1 hour minimums with

added time based on availability.

contact tracing information gathered for each visit

 golfers should bring appropriate indoor foot wear (nylon cleats/athletic shoes ok).

left-hand & right-hand golf clubs are available to rent for juniors and adults.