we practice safely


at golflondon.ca we take your safety and ours seriously.

 our lessons, whether on the range or at our indoor practice facility, meet

government regulated social distancing, gathering limits and sanitation standards.

we achieve this through touch-free golf instruction.



touch-free lessons are just that:

"hands free" instruction with enhanced verbal direction, demonstration and follow-up.

with the use of a variety of tools such as pointer sticks, alignment rods and video analysis we assure the quality and satisfaction of your lesson time without

encroaching on your personal swing space!


concern for safety is why we only partner with golf facilities that follow golf canada rules strictly and concurrently, as these updates are released by the government of ontario. 

Click for the latest updates on provincial golf developments and protocols on matters such as use of club houses, sanitation, score cards, bunker play, staff, carts, and number of players.

learn more...

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This guide is designed to assist golfers in better understanding how the Rules of Golf and Rules of Handicapping can be adapted temporarily while COVID-19 precautionary measures are in place. learn more...

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golflondon.ca is proud to have been invited by IRON CREEK G&CC to provide youth programming and adult clinics this season. management adheres to all protocols that have been mandated by Golf Ontario with clear signage and safe course modifications in place. time spent grooving your swing, taking family lessons or signing up your juniors translates into safe, fun and productive investment in your game! learn more...


golflondon.ca has been teaching at this facility for going on three years now. located in the north-west of London it offers a wide array of practice opportunities. management has implemented safe-use protocols such as safe-distancing driving line, sanitized balls, between use basket cleaning and a no loitering policy. learn more...



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